Ap World History Green Revolution

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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The Green Revolution had a positive, negative, or possibly both consequences on the way human beings have evolutionized through out the years. Each of these documents specifically proves that whether good or bad the different societies have been able to incorporate a little from what the Green Revolution has left them into their daily lives. The Green Revolution on one-side has ignited the revolution for new ideas and traditions. On the other side the Green Revolution has become a form of destructing the true and only roots for most farmers.

Documents 2, 3, 5, and 6 all show that the Green Revolution caused a form of prosperity. Document 2 proves that as the Green Revolution increased the population as well as food supply from 1950 to present date. If you recall from 1930-1945 there was a stop to the growth of food supply and population because of the Great Depression and World War 2; when the Green Revolution began in 1945 little by little food supply began to show growth and populations expanded meaning that many countries especially the United States and Germany that were greatly affected were able to prosper and use the Green Revolution as a way to continue expanding. Germany, United States, and multiple other countries’ economy were able to flourish and become among the most important countries. This document is a form of a non-biast opinion that clearly state true facts and is not defending either sides; it is proving the growth. Document 3 is an opinion of a person who has truly been able to see the effects of The Green Revolution; Harry Truman is making a reference to peace-loving people meaning that he believes that his country can become a better place by the new innovations which are ways in becoming into a united country and family. Harry Truman’s point of view is a reference to a biast opinion because it is the opinion from someone whose job to make it seem as if everything is sugar coated and everything is perfect meaning that his motive is...
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