Ap World History Dbq: Green Revolution

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  • Published : October 26, 2012
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AP World History
The Green Revolution was an influence and a disappointment to some people that affect the most. It affected society, agriculture, and new technology. The wheat yield increased over time. As that was happening population grew and failure occurred. From land being dead tired to new technology, where it was easy to get fast money.

People had there agreement. They all agreed and went along with the Green Revolution. (Doc.4) these countries started off down, no money, and tired. Until the Green Revolution it got their hopes up, it was success. (Doc.9) The Green Revolution was a great increasing in better education, housing, and consuming good. Many families grew. (Doc.10) The Maya people had then studied the Green Revolution and influenced it so they had that technology. (Doc 6)A point of view in one of the documents was Mrs. Dula, was explaining the green revolution was a great success and there was no trouble with the Green Revolution, and she was being biased. Some people who disagreed with the Green Revolution there thinking were negative. (Doc 3) States that there economic was going down hill. (Doc 5) Another point of view was an Indian minister and he even knew that the green revolution have not made it success. (Doc 8) This states that the green revolution was a big failure and had increase there land from fertilization. (Doc 7) This as well affects the women’s working society. They made men and women work as equal and hard working. Yet the women worked on a limit and increased the need for unpaid women labor.

The Green Revolution was a great impact to some people and it was a disappointment to some people. If there had to be an additional document there would have to be a map. A map showing where the Green Revolution started and where it traded through out the countries. The change was both good and bad for others. It changes people’s life good and successful. It also changes people’s life from sadness and being unhealthy and in...
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