Ap World History Dbq

Topics: Olympic Games, Summer Olympic Games, 2008 Summer Olympics Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: December 9, 2012
After reviewing the documents, it is clear that the modern Olympics was formed by political, economical. and social reasons.
The modern Olympics were shaped by social reasons. Document 2 and document 8 both talk about women and their rights and how people treated them so they're grouped together.
The modern Olympics were shaped by economical reasons. For example, in document 7, it says that Korea failed to avail itself of an opportunity to display its industrial and economic power to a worldwide television audience. Also, in document 9, it talks about the fees paid to the international Olympic committee for international tv and radio broadcast rights. Therefor, the modern Olympics were shaped by economical reasons.

The modern Olympics were shaped by political reasons. For example, in document 1, it says that there are those who are called “utopians” because they speak of the disappearance of war, but there are others who speak of the reduction of the chances of war, and I do not see that as utopian. Also, in document 3, it talks about how the young Nazis were encouraged to believe that a ski race was a competition in which Germans sought to prove not that they were better skiers than other people but more importantly, that Nazism was better than democracy. Further more, in document 4, it states that there were many pressures on American athletes because of the presence of the Soviet team in 1952. They were in a real sense the enemy. Another example, is in document 5, where it says that it was a national crusade for Japan to host the Olympic Games. After the Second World War, we were still struggling under a defeated-enemy syndrome in the eyes of most of the world. Plus, in document 6, it talks about the fact that Moscow has been chosen to stage the 1980 Olympic Games is the result of the consistent and peaceful foreign policy pursued by the Soviet Union, which is a beacon of peace, democracy, and social progress. Finally, in document 10 it states that...
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