Ap World History: Confucianism vs Legalism 9/9

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  • Published : March 1, 2012
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Ancient China was known as a successful society during the classical period for they were known greatly for the way they conducted themselves. Although China is still an ongoing society, its basic roots of success originated from the people that ran ancient China. China became greatly involved in governing their country around 551 BCE by a man named Confucius who created the belief system known as Confucianism. As time progressed and Confucianism died down a little, a man named Han Feizi created the belief system known as Legalism. Both belief systems had great intention on improving their country as a whole for they used different methods by doing so. Confucianism and Legalism impacted Ancient China greatly by focusing on essential areas such as practical lifestyles, religion and Chinese society is most noted for their how they conduct their lives. They thought respect and dignity would bring good fortunes to them alongside gaining respect from other people. Confucianism and Legalism both thought that following all rules and regulations would improve Chinese society for that would decrease the amount of crimes committed. Both systems thought that their leader put emphasis on respect for both rulers knew that this is a key factor in creating a successful society. Although both systems believed this, they both had some differences in making their people do so. Confucianism believed that in order to have a successful society, they need to have powerful administrators. Unlike the Legalists, the Confucianists elected their administrators by creating the civil service exam. This exam was created so the government can know which person is most able to fit the job as a leader in ancient China. Education was one of the most important roles in Confucianism. Confucianists thought that education would bring moral integrity to the people as well as capacity for fair judgment. Confucianists emphasized education mainly to teach the people how to conduct...
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