Ap World History Comparitive Essay

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Han Dynasty Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Since Imperial Rome and the Han dynasty were taking places at relatively the same time, they have many similarities. But considering the distance and isolation from each other, many differences also occurred. Both Rome and Han China used technology to improve their empire, but changing your social class rank was very difficult in China, but a bit easier in Rome.

Both the Roman and the Han had advanced technology like roads, sewage/water systems, engineering, and architecture.


Silk Road, aqueducts and advanced sewage systems running through both empires, Great Wall and the Colosseum, and many others. Direct Comparison:
Both empires had a good control of their water. While Rome had massive aqueducts to transport water and sewage systems, the Han had sewage systems and water conversation offices to help prevent floods and the wasting of water.

Citizens in the Roman empire were able to change their social class if they wanted to enough, while citizens in the Han-ruled China were born into their social class, and getting out of your class was very difficult Evidence:

In China, merchants being lowest on social pyramid, and fact that it was a hierarchy (all new rulers were born into family). In Rome, fact that Patricians, Equities and Plebeians all had opportunity to be on the Senate, able to join army and raise social rank, most emperors weren’t related Direct Comparison:

Rulers from China were all related, while rulers from Roman empire usually weren’t. The rulers of the Han dynasty functioned fine considering they were all somehow related, but Rome usually had problems when family became emperors. (The 5 good emperors ended when a new emperor was appointed from the family) Since Rome was a vast land-area, they had little natural isolation, but many methods of trade such as the Mediterranean Sea and rivers. Han China on the other hand, had deserts, mountains and oceans to protect themselves. Also, they...
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