Ap World History Comparative Essay - Han & China

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Han Dynasty Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Rachel Reckseit
Period 5

The Roman Empire and Han Dynasty both have many similarities and differences. The Roman Empire lasted from 27 BC - 476 CE. The Han Dynasty lasted from 206 - 220 BCE. The Roman Empire included parts of northern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Throughout ancient history, this was known as the largest empire ever. On the other hand, the Han Dynasty included only the southeastern and northeastern parts of present-day China. Even though both Rome and Han were settled in different areas at different times, they were very similar in the way they chose their government officials & their duties and architectural accomplishments, but they had different thoughts on religion. Both civilizations have been shown to have many similarities and differences, whether it was politically, architecturally, or religiously.

First of all, the two civilizations were both very similar in the way their government was run. The Han Dynasty and Roman Empire were both ruled by Emperors. They were both a bureaucratic government. Both societies were also patriarchal-based and class-based in how they elected their officials. In order for the Han Dynasty’s potential candidates to become elected, they had to take a civil service exam. The civil service exam was used as an effective way of testing and eventually admitting the men into the bureaucracy. A bureaucracy is a group of non-elected officials inside a government who sets the functions, laws, and rules of that society. In the Roman Empire’s governmental system, the elected officials were appointed and did not need to take an exam, like the Han Dynasty. In the time of the Han and Roman Empires, it was very difficult to govern the vast amounts of land and people that were under rule.

Secondly, both civilizations had architectural accomplishments. The Great Wall of China was built during the time of the Han Dynasty and took much effort and power from the people at the time. This was built as a...
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