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  • Published : September 7, 2011
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I) Compare Major religious and philosophical systems including some underlying similarities in cementing a social hierarchy A) Thesis: Both Hinduism and Confucianism have similar ideals and beliefs. However, Confucianism is considered to be more a philosophy than a religion. 1. Direct Comparisons

a. Similarity: revolved around the idea of looking into a deeper meaning of life b. Similarity: try to better people’s lives
c. Differences
i. Confucianism: based on work ethics
a. Positions of authority are the philosophers/politicians ii. Hinduism: based on caste system; reincarnation; gods; hereditary; status of afterlife determined by karma b. Positions of authority are the Priests/Brahmins II) Understand how and why the collapse of empire was more sever in Western Europe than it was in the eastern Mediterranean or in China A) Thesis: The collapse of empire was more sever in Western Europe than it was in China because of its relative location. 1. Direct Comparisons

a. Western Europe: Rome was more reliant on trade: decline in trade damaged economy b. Western Europe: had been a change of the capital from Rome to Byzantium causing a loss in centralized government for the western half of the empire c. China: When the Han dynasty feel, it was replaced by another Chinese ruler; Mandate of Heaven i. Western Europe: When the Roman Empire fell, it was overturned by barbarians which destroyed the empire

III) Compare the development of traditions and institutions in major civilizations A) Thesis: Rome and Greece over time developed into similar empires; however, Rome success was based on more on its conquests that occurred over the years. 1) Direct Comparisons

a) Similarity: Similar religions; polytheistic; same gods, different names b) Similarity: Made...
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