Ap World Dbq Essay

Topics: War of the Golden Stool, Ethnic groups in Africa, Prempeh I Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: November 21, 2010
AP World DBQ Essay
The three decades following the Berlin conference were chaotic as European powers competed to occupy and colonize Africa. Europe would be profiting off the resources that they collected from their far much weaker subordinate African colonies. As Europe’s wealth amassed, Africa’s wealth approached its end. It was soon clear that the Europeans invaders were not a mean of benefit for Africa but a driving destructive force. The Africans that fought back were sparked by a reaction to a change in their tradition. On the other hand, there were other Africans who lost their view on their tradition and were doomed to no other fate then to give in to their superiors.

Some Africans viewed the European intruders as a much stronger force than themselves and lost all their ties to older tradition through fear. In 1886, the British government commissioned and administered the development of the Niger River Delta which was signed by many African rulers (doc.1). These Africans gave in but the document does not specify if they gave in because they lost sights of the nation they were once before. Another document of the reason why these Africans gave in would reveal if they saw the European threat as a dangerous change to their tradition. The Ethiopian painting of the Battle of Adowa in 1896 where Ethiopians were victorious over Italian troops is also not clear on why the Ethiopians fought back (doc.5). Another document on why the Ethiopians fought back so vigorously would be more helpful. In a letter written from an African leader to another African leader, he describes how German invaders killed one of his men everyday and it is obvious that the African leader did not see this as a threat to his tradition, but rather as a threat to his kingdom and his welfare (doc.7). In an account of a battle between British and African mercenaries on the Congo River in 1877, Mojimba, an Africna chief, describes how the British had overcame Africans with guns (doc.9)....
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