Ap World Ch 16

Topics: Caribbean, South America, Americas Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Question 1:  What evidence indicates that the Polynesian settlement of the islands of the eastern Pacific was the result of planned expeditions rather than accidental wandering?
Both DNA evidence and linguistic similarities indicate that the Polynesian settlement of the islands of the eastern Pacific was planned and not an accident. 

 Question 2:  How, and by whom, were the islands of the Caribbean settled?
In the Americas, early Amerindian voyages form South America colonized the West Indies, and there were limited maritime contacts between Pacific coast populations in South American and Central America. By the year 1000 Amerindians known as the Arawak had followed the small islands of the Lesser Antilles to the Greater Antilles as well to the Bahamas. 

 Question 3:  What were the primary motives behind the Portuguese and Spanish voyages of discovery? How were these motives exemplified in Prince Henry the Navigator?
The primary motive was Christian militancy for both Portuguese and Spanish voyages. These motives were exemplified in Prince Henry the Navigator due to the fact that he committed his life to converting Africans to Christianity, making contact with Christian rulers in Africa, and launching joint crusades with them against the Ottomans. 
 Question 4:  What adaptations made the caravel an ideal vessel for exploration?
The caravel was much smaller which permitted them to enter shallow coastal waters and explore uprivers, but they were strong enough to weather ocean storms. They could be equipped with triangular lateen sails that could take the wind and with an addition of a small cannon made good use of warfare. 

 Question 5:  In what ways did the rulers of sixteenth century Benin demonstrate their ability to control the influence of the Portuguese over their culture?
The way that the kingdom of Benin demonstrated this ability was by first learning about the Portuguese then trading pepper and ivory tusks with them, thus creating a sort of bond, &...
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