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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Silk Roads CCOT
During the time period 200 BCE to 1400 CE, the patterns of interactions among the silk roads have undergone transformations and continuities. The Silk Roads have been in existence from 200 BCE to 1400 C. Throughout its entire history, it has continually spread goods such as silk, porcelain, and technology, allowed others to interact culturally with new ideas and religions, and kept it’s main purpose as a route to deal goods. However, the different types of religions, such as Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity, types of goods, ranging from silk to technology, and frequency of trade during different time periods changed.

From 200 BCE to 1400 CE the constant flow of goods, cultural interactions and its main purpose as a trade route remained constant. Throughout the entire creation of the silk Roads, it has continually spread goods throughout all of Eurasia. The Silk roads spread goods such as crops, disease, and technology. The Silk Roads always had a consistent flow of goods because people were constantly harvesting new crops and inventing new technology, also it was profitable to people trading upon them. Also, the Silk Roads always allowed people to interact on a cultural level, by spreading ideas and religions. Due to the constant sharing of ideas, societies became increasingly mixed, resulting in a mestizo society. Throughout its time frame, it kept its main purpose as a route to deal goods. The Silk Roads also forged a link between the east and west, causing goods as far away as Sub-Saharan Africa to reach Silk Roads and be spread across.

Although many aspects of the Silk Roads have remained constant, the different types of religions, different types of goods, and frequency of trade during different times did not. The sea routes were also an important aspect of the Silk Roads; people could use the sea routes to trade goods further away. As technology improved, the usage of sea routes increased. Later on, the sea routes eventually helped...
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