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Topics: Buddhism, Christianity, Religion Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Comparing and Contrasting the Post Classical Era
Europe and China were two civilizations in the post classical era that thrived in religion and philosophy. Europe and China were similar in that they both had monasteries to teach and spread their religion and gender was unaffected, but different because China had rival religions.

Europe’s Christianity was similar to China’s Buddhism because they both had ways of teaching and spreading their religion. In China there were several Monasteries where monks would teach Buddhism to others. Also Buddhism was taken with merchants who practiced Buddhism to all the places they traveled and they would teach it. Additionally, Buddhism was practiced among the elite government officials so it had a big affect on the rest of the empire because they influenced it. Likewise in Europe the church had a huge influence on the people, they had as much power if not more than the elite government. Christianity also had crusades which were holy wars intended to expand Christian land and strengthen the faith. For example the Christians holy land was in Jerusalem which was controlled by the Muslims so the Christians fought to get their land back in order to spread Christianity. Christianity also differed from China in an important aspect of religion.

Unlike Europe, China had different religions on their tail trying to ruin Buddhism. For example the Confucians convinced the elite that Buddhism was gaining too much power. People actually believed them and Buddhism had a huge backlash which ended with them losing a lot of influence. Daoism was also a big rival for Buddhism because Daoism wanted the Chinese officials to practice their religion having them move away from Buddhism. This contrasts to Europe because Christianity never had any religion try to really take their power away; there were only small rebels who merely annoyed Christian influence. Christianity had stayed a strong religion in Europe which is the main idea. Christianity...
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