Ap Us History Unit 1 Dbq

Topics: American Revolution, Thirteen Colonies, United States Declaration of Independence Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: January 1, 2013
In the years leading up to the American revolution it was evident that a new identity was developing for colonist. Stemming from the Seven Year’s colonists were slowly discovering a new way of viewing the mother country and themselves. By the eve of the American revolution most colonist had adopted the identity of British citizens fighting to protect their liberties. A strong bond of unity can be seen from colonists’ shared opinions and agreed course of action, while a large loyalist population supports that this bond took time to build.

The shared public opinions in the colonies exemplified both an American identity and a developing sense of unity. After the Seven Year’s war, an American identity was clearly seen. Colonist developed a sense that they were British citizens who fought for their motherland to defend the land that they lived on. In their minds they were as much British citizens as the men across the sea living in England. The passage of numerous revenue raising acts,though, united Americans against the English. In a quote from Edmund Burke’s speech to Parliament, stating the Americans should not be compared to Englishmen. “Govern America as you govern an English town which happens to not be represented in Parliament? Are Gentlemen really serious when they propose this?” (B). This article shows that even Parliament was aware of the opinion that Americans were equal to British citizens, yet they still passed the Sugar Act,Stamp Act, and Molasses Act. This shared opinion in the colonies is the reason as to why they were so upset with how they were being treated by the English government. Because of this opinion colonists realized that the only way they could protect their rights as British citizens would be to unite against their common enemy. As stated in the Declaration for the Causes of Taking up Arms, colonists agree that they must unite. The declaration states, “The arms we have been compelled by our enemies to assume....unabating firmness and...
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