Ap Us History Project

Topics: History of the United States, World War II, 1920s Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Read, Watch, or Listen (RWL) Project

Directions: Each RWL project will consist of two sections. First, you will choose a source that relates to each of our units in United States history (read a book/portion of a primary source, watch a movie, or listen to an ITunes University lecture). Second, you will either answer five analysis questions or write a reflection paper based upon your source.

Unit 1: Formation of Colonies – Colonial Wars (1607-1763)
Unit 2: Revolution – Constitution (1763-1789)
Unit 3: Early National Period, War of 1812, Era of Good Feelings (1789-1814) Unit 4: Jacksonian Democracy, Antebellum reform movements, and sectional tensions (1814-1850) Unit 5: Civil War and Reconstruction (1850-1870)

Unit 6: Gilded Age (1870-1900)
Unit 7: New Imperialism, Progressivism, and WWI (1900-1919)
Unit 8: Interwar Period: Roaring Twenties, Jazz Age, and Great Depression (1920-1939) Unit 9: WWII, Start of Cold War, 1950’s Conformity (1939-1959) Unit 10: Turbulent 1960’s, Cold War continued, 1970’s (1960-1979) Unit 11: Reagan Revolution, End of Cold War, Modern United States (1980-2000)

Rubric/Directions for Analysis Questions:
APUSH - RWL ProjectNameType of Source: Book, Movie, or LectureDateName of Book, Movie, or Lecture 1. Introduction (1-2 sentences) - What is the topic/theme in American history in your book, movie, or lecture? What year(s) did your source cover? (10%) 2. Brief Summary (1-2 paragraphs) (15%) 3. Identify the Thesis (1-3 sentences) - What was the overall main idea and thesis of your source? (15%) 4. Analysis (2-4 paragraphs) - Based upon your knowledge of American history, was your source’s portrayal of its particular time period --- Effective? Accurate? Exaggerated? Biased? (50%) 5. Conclusion (1-4 sentences) - Did you enjoy reading, watching, or listening to your source? If there was evidence of bias or inaccuracies, how could your source be...
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