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  • Published : October 29, 2011
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George Washington (served 1789-1797)
1. Judiciary Act: George Washington signed The Judiciary Act on September 24, 1789, which was presented by Congress. This was the very first act of Congress. The Judiciary Act created the Federal Court system and it created the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court acts as the head of the judiciary branch of America’s three-branched government. The purpose of creating this act was to provide structure and authority of the federal court system and created the office of attorney general. The Supreme Court consists of five Associates and one Chief Justice. 2. Bill of Rights added to the Constitution: The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution on December 15, 1791. The purpose of the Bill of Rights was to ratify the Constitution. It states everyone’s individual rights as an American citizen because in the original Constitution, it only guaranteed a few rights of an American citizen. The Bill of Rights contains the first ten amendments to the Constitution, which dictates that even though the federal government possesses power, it does not come at the cost of American citizens’ rights. 3. Cotton Gin Invented: In 1793, Eli Whitney, an American inventor, created a modern version of the cotton gin and eventually was able to patent it on March 14, 1794. The purpose of the cotton gin was to clean lint off of cotton. The invention of Whitney’s cotton gin as able to clean approximately fifty pounds of lint off of cotton per day. The invention of the cotton gin impacted the southern portion of America the most. In the South, the desire for plantations and slaves became more prominent. Before the modern cotton gin, there were about 7000,000 slaves, but when Whitney’s cotton gin was patented, the number of slaves grew to approximately 3.2 million slaves. 4. Proclamation of neutrality: On April 22, 1793, President George Washington announced the neutrality of America when the French was at war with Great Britain. This was known as the Proclamation of Neutrality. George Washington, and other officials, believed that a formal statement of their neutrality was in order because America was still too young and their army was too feeble to go through another war. Also, they were afraid of choosing sides because during the Revolutionary War, France was their ally and Great Britain helped ship owners by providing them financial support. 5. Fugitive Slave Law: George Washington passed The Fugitive Slave Law February 1793. The purpose of this law was to recover escaped slaves, even if the slaves runaway to other states, this grants them the authority to seize them and be returned to their masters. If anyone disregarded this law and helped a fugitive, they were subject to doing hard time in prison and received a fine and if they helped a slave, they would only receive a fine. In effect, this law made the slave catching industry rise, which helped return many slaves to their former owners. Unfortunately, this law caused people to seize free African-Americans and subject them into a life of slavery. 6. Jays Treaty with England: Jay’s Treaty was passed in June 1795. Even thought that the Treaty of Paris in 1783 ended the American Revolution between the United States and England, their relations began to decline. For example, American ships were seized by Great Britain and the ship owners were forced to work for England in their war against France. This treaty was supposed to help regulate commerce and navigation. Unfortunately, Jay’s Treaty was unsuccessful because Hamilton, who secretly gave the English details of America’s bargaining strategies, thwarted John Jay’s negotiation with England. This sabotage resulted in America having to give payment to its pre-American Revolutionary War debts to Britain. Jay’s Treaty also stated that Britain would repay the lost money from their merchant ship seizures, but unfortunately the treaty did not state anything about future seizures or resupplying...
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