Ap Us History George Washingto Presidentail Outline Essay

Topics: George Washington, American Revolution, Thomas Jefferson Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: December 1, 2012
George Washington the man who led his country to win the revolutionary war did an outstanding job as a president. He kept the country neutral keeping America out of wars. Creating treaties that would bring peace between two nations. Establishing a government that has lasted to this day. But not everything he or is administration did was great. If I was to grade George Washington I would I've him an A-.

George Washington took office April 30, 1789 and lasted' for two terms. As our first president he had a lot to do starting with establishing a government. Washington wanted to draw the line between government powers and the people, learning from what happened with the British. George Washington created religious freedom. People were allowed to practice their religion without the government consent. During his presidency he established a democratic government that has lasted to this day. He brought together 13 colonies by establishing bill of rights into the constitution. He ran a government where everyone had to work together in order to get things done even when the people of the government felt uncomfortable with him around. This government worked together to establish neutrality that would keep America out of the war in Europe.

During Washington second term as president in 1793 war between France and Britain, Austria, Prussia, Sardinia and the Netherlands broke out. Proclamation of Neutrality was a proclamation designed to keep America out of wars. By America not picking sides this proclamation was keeping America out of the war. Washington wrote this proclamation to keep the country together because one half of the country was on the French side and the other half on great Britain side Washington knew that if they picked a side it would bring the country he united to a destruction. Other than keeping America out of wars Washington also settled conflicts between America and other nations.

Washington signed treaties that brought peace between America...
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