Ap Us History Essay - 1

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Spain, Europe Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: September 6, 2012
During the early stages of the 1500’s, many of the European leaders saw that colonizing the New World could be a very profitable endeavor. The Spanish were the ones who sponsored Christopher Columbus’ journey when he accidentally landed on the New World. Following him, John Cabot was sent over by the English. Many empires seemed to be trying to get on the New World colony train, but each leader had varying success. “With the dawn of the 16th century, there came together both the motivation and the means to explore and colonize territory beyond the seas.” I believe that this statement is valid when it is applied to religion, trade, and technology. The Pilgrims of Plymouth ran from England to achieve religious freedom, Columbus searched tirelessly for a trade route that he didn’t find. Instead he found the New World. Technology helped the Portuguese travel the oceans faster than anyone thought possible in an effort to increase their territory.

A movement known as the reformation created a schism between the two Western Catholic Church, dividing it into different sects. This split is what caused many people to immigrate to the New World. A new form of Christianity arose when Martin Luther protested the way the Church was being run, he broke off into a religion that is now known as the Protestants. This radical new religion challenged the Church on many levels, eventually causing a lot of change in both Europe and the newly founded America. The quote is made more valid when paired with religion due to the Pilgrim’s fight for religious freedom, ending with them finding a new home in the New World.

Spain’s attempt to find a new route to India and China for trade purposes was inspired by Christopher Columbus. Columbus was one of the knowledgeable explorers who were aware that the Earth was round, and that one could potentially sail around the world to avoid certain dangerous parts of the ocean. Columbus wanted to sail west to western Asia, which was a revolutionary...
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