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Early Native Peoples of America
•Anasazi – They were a cultural group of people during the Pueblo I and II Eras. During their time, corn was introduced to society, and the ideas of nomadic hunters and gatherers were present. Their crafts and houses still stand today, which plays an important role in the advancement of architecture and craftsmanship. •Aztecs – The Aztecs were a native group centered in Mexico, and thrived between the 14th and 16th centuries. They had a huge impact on modern day through their advancement of the calendar (including leap years), and religious practices that would spread to influence other belief systems in the future. •Cahokia – Cahokia is the area where an ancient city was created during older times. The Cahokia Mounds is one of the largest archaeological sites today, which played a huge role in the finding and discovery of many ancient artifacts that could hint to the past. •Hopewell – It was a developmental period in the Native American woodland civilization. Overall, it was centered in the Mississippi River Valley and in Ohio. Its effect on modern day society is great due to the extensive trade networks created, and the contributed effect on religion. •Inca – The Incan Empire was the largest before Columbus discovered America, and was located in the highland areas of Peru. The amazing contributions in architecture, astronomy, mathematics and farming techniques such as the usage of terracing can be seen today in modern society. •Iroquois Confederation – This was a group of tribes that came together, and it is significant because it is technically the first actual form of democracy ever, and it inspired the U.S. government that we have today. •Mesoamerica – Mesoamerica is the territory around Mexico, southern North America, and parts of northern South America. This was important because it influenced cultural diffusion, and brought those places together by influencing a mix of their different religions and...
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