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  • Published : April 19, 2012
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How did the civil rights movement progress from difficult beginnings to great success in the mid-1960s and then encounter increasing opposition from black militants and white back lash after 1965?

In the mid-1960s even with slavery long gone African Americans still were discriminated and segregated throughout the United States. African Americans were still poll taxed and didn’t receive the voting rights every American should have. Blacks were still being murdered just for being black, as seen in the killing of two blacks by 21 white Mississippians in June of 1964. White suspects were never convicted due to the all-white jury refusing to. With all the discrimination against African Americans it was time for America to make a change.

President Johnson in 1965 came up with the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in which it attacked racial discrimination at the polls. The 24th Amendment eventually eliminated poll taxes. Lyndon B Johnson called America to overcome bigotry, racism, and discrimination. Civil rights leaders started sprouting out on to the scene. Malcolm X fought for black rights in the mid-1960s and gained supporters for his cause. Sadly though Malcolm X was killed in 1965 by an assassin. Martin Luther King Jr. was another civil rights leader who became very well known throughout the states for his preaching and ability to gain supporters. King was able to assemble a swarm of supporters to march to Washington in attempt to stop discrimination and allow blacks to gain their rights. The famous “I had a Dream” speech was heard throughout America and touched the hearts of many Americans. But, tragically on April 4th 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated as well.

Black militants like the Black Panthers openly brandished weapons in Oakland, California. The KKK still existed in secret and opposed the civil rights movement. Many blacks were still being killed or threatened by the KKK which scared many African Americans from preaching out. Even with all the...
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