Ap Terms for Fahrenheit 451

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  • Published : February 27, 2012
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AP Terms
1. Symbol- “with his symbolic helmet numbered 451” pg. 3- the temperature at which book paper catches fire, and burns 2. Personification- “the house jumped” pg. 3- the house did not really jump, but it’s to show description. It caught fire really fast. 3. Imagery- “the autumn leaves blew…middle of the pavement waiting” pg. 5- to show description and make you feel a part of what’s happening. 4. Symbol- “salamander” pg. 6- represents the fire truck. 5. Symbol- “the phoenix disc” pg.6- represents the fire department 6. Imagery- “he saw himself in her eyes…light of the candle” pg.7- describing Clarisse McCellan face and how it captivates him. 7. Flashback- “one time, as a child… the power might not come on again too soon” pg. 7- describes Montag’s past as a child. 8. Alliteration- “Monday burn Millay, Wednesday Whitman, Friday Faulkner” pg. 8- describes all the cities that they burn in one week. 9. Simile- “like a mirror” pg. 11- describes Clarisse and how her face reflects back to him. 10. Flashback- “nights when things got dull…a new game began” pg. 24-25- describes how they used to have fun on boring nights and use the hound for personal pleasure. 11. Allusion- “play the man…shall never be put out” pg. 36- from the book of Martyrs. 12. Allusion- “Tower of Babel” pg. 38- Beatty uses this reference when burning the ladies’ books and saying how ignorant she is with all of her books. 13. Onomatopoeia- “Bang! Smack! Wallop, Bing, Bong, Boom!” pg. 55- describes that everything was getting summed down into little minute things because people were too lazy to read long books. 14. Suspense- “The front door voice called softly…burn us and the books” pg. 67-68- Montag shows Mildred the books and then the Hound comes and then Beatty comes back...or so they think. 15. Alliteration- “Denham’s Dentifrice…Dentifrice Dentifrice” pg. 79- this saying keeps going on and on so Montag cannot concentrate and read the book. 16....
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