Ap Psychology Therapy Outline

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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Chapter 17: Therapy Outline
The Psychological Therapies
* Psychotherapy: an emotionally charged, confiding interaction between a trained therapist and someone who suffers from psychological difficulties. * Half of psychotherapists describe themselves as taking an eclectic approach: an approach to psychotherapy that, depending on the client’s problems, uses techniques from various forms of therapy.

* Psychoanalysis: Sigmund Freud’s therapeutic technique. Freud believed the patient’s free associations, resistances, dreams, and transferences and the therapist’s interpretation of them released previously repressed feelings, allowing the patient to gain self insight. * Aims to bring repressed feelings into conscious awareness where the patient can deal with them. * Resistance: the blocking from consciousness of anxiety-laden material. * Interpretation: the analyst’s noting supposed dream meanings, resistances, and other significant behaviors in order to promote insight. * Transference: the patient’s transfer to the analyst of emotions linked with other relationships (such as love or hatred for a parent). * Critics say psychoanalysts’ interpretations are hard to refute. If you say no to an analysts’ interpretation some may take your denial as more resistance, and confirm their interpretation. * Interpersonal psychotherapy aims to help people gain insight into the roots of their difficulties but rather than undoing past hurts and offering interpretations, it focuses on current relationships and assists people in improving their relationship skills. Humanistic

* Humanistic therapists aim to boost self-fulfillment by helping people grow in self-awareness and self-acceptance. * Tends to focus on: present and futre more than the past, conscious, taking immediate responsibility for one’s feelings and actions, promoting growth instead of curing illness. * Client-centered therapy: therapist uses techniques...
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