Ap Psychology Book Assignment(Blink)

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Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.
(Book Assignment)

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Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book on our ability to make decisions in split-second called “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.” This book is outlined by the process in which that we can make accurate decisions by using what he calls “ Thin-Slicing.” Thin-Slicing is when thoughts are retrieved from our unconscious mind; We often come up with the right decision on the spot, but we’re usually misled my our conscious mind and the way environment shapes us. Throughout the book, he uses numerous examples to support his idea of Thin-Slicing, which is basically referred as Blink. Malcolm Gladwell believes that our unconscious mind is much more powerful and accurate than our conscious mind. In simple terms, listen to your heart when it comes to decision making.

One of the major characters in the book is Warren Harding. He is known as the worst presidential candidate in the history of America. Malcolm Gladwell uses Harding as an example because he wants to portrays the negative effect of “blinking”. When we let our unconscious mind take over, we can lead to wrong decision such as choosing Warren Harding as a president because of his looks.

Another major character that Malcom used is Paul Van Riper. Malcom Gladwell wants to emphasize that when we used only a few pieces of important information, our decision can be victorizing. Just like Paul Van Riper’s military strategy can defeat U.S team because Paul Van Riper utilizes the strategy of thin-slicing and relies on the major pieces that made him plan out what he have in mind quickly.

Malcom Gladwell’s intention is to inform us that we can use thin-slicing to determine what we want really quick. The examples he provides illustrate that when we use our unconscious mind of thin- slicing, it’s often the best decision. It’s usually more accurate than when we spend hours analyzing unnecessary information...
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