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Psychology Journals
These journals should be written in essay form, and they will be graded as an AP essay. These journals may require you to integrate different content areas and to evaluate and analyze psychological constructs. You are to use analytical and organizational skills to formulate cogent answers. Consult your calendar for due dates.

Chapter 1: The study of Psychology has had many contributions in history. Explain the contribution of functionalism and structuralism in psychology. How are these two forms different?

Chapter 2: Control is often called the hallmark of a good experiment. Describe randomization, group matching, counterbalancing, placebo, and double blind as control techniques. Briefly develop an example of the way each could be used or has been used in an experiment.

Chapter 19: We conducted a variation of Asch’s (1951) conformity study in which participants made judgments about the length of lines. We randomly assigned participants to one of two conditions and told them that the study involved perceptual abilities. In the first condition, participants estimated the length of lines after hearing five people pretending to be participants (confederates) give inaccurate estimates. In the second condition, participants estimated the length of lines without hearing estimates of confederates. As we expected, participants in the first condition were less accurate in their estimates of line length, demonstrating the tendency to conform to majority influence.

A) How would each element below be related to the specific content of the experiment reported in the abstract? • Control group
• Deception
• Operational definition of the dependent variable
• Hypothesis
• Debriefing
B) How might participants’ estimates of line length in the study be related to the following? *Social Facilitation
*Group think

Chapter 3: The human organism displays various reactions that are characterized by opposing tendencies....
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