Ap Human Geography Study Guide Ch. 1

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  • Topic: Kilometre, Land Ordinance of 1785, Square kilometre
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  • Published : October 30, 2011
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2) Situation identifies a place by its
A) mathematical location on Earth's surface.
B) unique physical characteristics.
C) primary dimensions.
D) location relative to other objects.
E) nominal location.

3) Site identifies a place by its
A) location relative to other objects.
B) mathematical location on Earth's surface.
C) unique physical characteristics.
D) primary dimensions.
E) nominal location.

4) New York City's ________ is approximately 100 miles northeast of Philadelphia and 100 miles southwest of Boston.
A) situation
B) jurisidiction
C) site
D) toponym
E) location

5) Which is true?
A) Every meridian is the same length and has the same beginning and end. B) Every meridian is actually a circle rather than a line.
C) Every parallel begins and ends at the poles.
D) Every parallel is the same length.
E) Every meridian is distorted by magnetic declination.

6) Santa Fe, New Mexico is in the Mountain Time Zone, whereas Tampa, Florida, is in the Eastern Time Zone. If it is 1 A.M., Monday, in Tampa, what time is it in Santa Fe? A) 3 A.M. Sunday
B) 11 P.M. Monday
C) 11 P.M. Sunday
D) 10 P.M. Sunday
E) 3 A.M. Monday

7) A business executive calls from New York (which is located at 75°W) at 6 P.M. on Tuesday to Sydney, Australia (which is located at 150°E). What time is it in Sydney? A) 9 A.M. Wednesday
B) 9 P.M. Wednesday
C) 6 P. M. Tuesday
D) 9 A.M. Tuesday
E) 9 P.M. Tuesday

8) The International Date Line is measured approximately from A) 0 degrees longitude.
B) 0 degrees latitude.
C) 90 degrees latitude.
D) 180 degrees longitude.
E) 90 degrees longitude.

9) The U.S. Land Ordinance of 1785 divided much of the country into a system of A) ranges.
B) sections.
C) quarter sections.
D) townships.
E) all of the above

10) Holland converted the Zuider Zee into a fresh water lake by using A) dikes.
B) a delta plan.
C) a polder.
D) solar desalination.
E) canals.

11) The arrangement of a phenomenon across Earth's...
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