Ap Human Geography Mobility Rates

Topics: North Carolina, Durham County, North Carolina, Orange County, North Carolina Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: November 15, 2012
How does your state compare to the rest of the country in term of mobility rates? Is it above or below the national mean?
North Carolina is above the national mean in terms of mobility rate. North Carolina has a mobility rate of 46-55% and the national mean for mobility is 45-46% in the U.S. What factors may account for your state’s mobility status? Factors like developments, jobs, and the economy are leading to North Carolina’s high mobility rate. An increase mobility rate means that many people are moving into North Carolina.. Many people and businesses are moving to developing areas in North Carolina, especially the Triangle Area and other large towns. Describe patterns of mobility within your state.

Patterns of mobility in North Carolina vary from place to place. Some places show waves of people moving in and out, while some have close to no movement within the county. This could be due to North Carolina’s economic growth. Which counties have experienced above average mobility? Which fall below average? Above average counties are Orange County, Durham County, and Wake County. Below average counties are Person County, Rockingham County, and Pamlico County. Examine patterns of mobility within your county or city.

Orange County’s population is 112,444. People are constantly moving to Orange County because of job opportunity and we have one of the best school districts in North Carolina.  How might patterns of mobility affect political and economic trends in your state, county, or community? Most of Chapel Hill varies in political/economic views. However, Chapel Hill is especially democratic/liberal compared to the rest of North Carolina. Because this area has such a high mobility rate, people from all over the country are coming into the area because of job opportunities and development and bring their own beliefs. Because of our size, Chapel Hill has is very influential when it comes to political views. Did your parents grow up in your community or are...
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