Ap Human Geography

Topics: The Culture, Culture, Cultural region Pages: 12 (4562 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Heather Furlong
AP Human Geography
Summer Assignment

Quote: “We were first introduced to rap music during one of our visits to Mobimbi, a quarter where the foreigners who worked for the same American company as my father lived” (Beah 6).

Explanation: The theme of region is shown in this quote as the author describes one of his many trips down to Mobimbi. Region describes the geographical unit based on characteristics and functions of culture. This quote also shows a very specific type of region called functional region, which is an area that has been organized to function politically, socially, or economically as one unit. The town of Mobimbi that the author speaks of is a place of social gathering for the people of his area. They all gather there to listen to rap music even though they might not understand it well. This functional gathering area has very clear borders which start in the center with the good living spaces for the workers of the American company and spread out from there. From the center is the land where everyone else lives in filth and dirt. The town of Mobimbi shows functional region because of how it is the place of nice living and social gatherings.

Quote: “A shudder racked my body, and I tried to think about my new life in New York City, where I had been for over a month” (Beah 19).

Explanation: The theme of mobility is shown in this quote as the author tells of how he now lives in NYC and not from where he is originally from. Mobility is the movement of people, ideas, or things from one location outward toward other locations where these items are not initially found. This quote shows diffusion of a culture to another place unknown to them, such as NYC. The author is relocated to NYC for reasons unknown to us now, the diffusion of his life and possibly many others to strange places shows mobility. When the author is relocated to NYC he brings with him his culture and ways of life. As soon as the people who were warring with the people of his town entered, diffusion started. Scared people fled the town to look for new homes to get away from the war, they brought with them their way of life and religion. The author fleeing from his town to NYC is an example of diffusion because of war.

Quote: “There was only one escape route out of town. Everyone headed for it” (Beah 24).

Explanation: The theme of mobility is expressed in this quote because the author talks about how everyone was fleeing their homes and leaving to somewhere new. Mobility is the movement of people, ideas, or things from one location outward toward other locations where these items are not initially found. The people in his town are under attack by the rebels of the RUF. When the rebels came, the town was completely unprepared for the siege. The town’s soldiers who were supposed to protect them fled in fear. The entire town fled for the only exit located over a tiny hill. This abandonment shows mobility because the people who are leaving are fleeing to unfamiliar places to find homes. Also when they reach new places to settle their religious ideas and practices will be carried with them where ever they go.

Quote: “We had passed through a village that had banana, orange, and, coconut trees. Khalilou, who knew how to climb better then all of us, mounted each of those trees and plucked as much from them as he could” (Beah 27).

Explanation: The theme of nature-culture is described in this quote as the author talks about how they use the Earth to survive through the war. The author and his friends are on their own trying to survive without the help of their parents. Nature-culture helps us investigate how groups of people interact with the Earth’s biophysical environment and examine how the culture, politics, and economies of those groups affect their ecological situation and resource use. The author and his brother and friends have fled from their hometown and are now looking for food. The author’s friend is...
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