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Rohith Sundar
AP Government 6th Period
December 8, 2014
Media Bias in ISIS Legislation
Media bias is a very complicated thing, as it may sway a reader’s thoughts towards one side of the spectrum rather than keeping it fair. Most news sources are usually biased towards a certain side, whether it is liberal or conservative, or democratic or republican. Although most news sources are biased, some are moderate and in the middle. Examples of a news source biased towards the liberal side would be New Yorker or The Colbert Report. Examples of a news source biased towards the conservative side would be Breitbart or the Drudge Report. Examples of a news source that is in the middle of liberal and conservative, moderate, would be Yahoo News and Wall Street Journal.

The first liberal source was from the news provider Business Insider. In this article, it states that Democratic Senator Bill Nelson of Florida will authorize President Barack Obama’s plans to conduct several airstrikes in opposition of terrorist group ISIS. This article is saying that there have already been many airstrikes, a total of 123 in three and a half months, and more is not very necessary. This is because the liberal view on military actions and spending is that it’s not supportive of it. Liberal beliefs are that military engagement should be reduced. Although, this is what the beliefs are, and that the article states that more airstrikes are not the best (not the worst either) idea, they know that it is one of the only options.

The second liberal news source is CNN. The title of this news articles is Is Obama’s plan for confronting ISIS legal? Therefore, one can conclude that due to the title of this news article, this article is questioning the legality of President Barack Obama’s proposal, the ISIS Legislation. As stated in the previous paragraph, the liberal view on military spending and engagement is to go against it.

The third article was a moderate news article rom TIME. This article also talked about Senator Bill Nelson of Florida, and how his authorization of President Obama’s plan would affect the nation. This article does not have bias, and is mostly made of pure facts. It is not trying to sway the reader’s opinions. TIME is known for the factual evidence, rather than falsified information or inaccurate information. This is a news source that should be read more often by the citizens, so a unique opinion can be formed.

The fourth news article is conservative, and from the source The Blaze. This article talks about attacking ISIS by funding the Kurds. This has a conservative view because military engagement to obtain worldwide justice and equality is a trait of a conservative belief. Although this article is biased, it is not heavily biased, and mainly has facts. There are only subtle incorporations of bias and favorability.

The final article is also conservative, and by the news source Townhall. This article states that the only way to win over ISIS is to continue attacking them and to keep coming up with new strategies. Similar to the previous paragraph, the objective of this article is to persuade readers that airstrikes on ISIS are necessary, by providing facts and much other reliable information. Personally, I believe that this article only has a little bit more bias than the previous conservative article.

Media bias can be a bad thing, by giving false or heavily swayed information to the readers. This should be a lesson to all politically active citizens to know the news source before the news.

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