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Russell Crowe
Action, Historical Drama

Gladiator is an action and historical drama film that was released on May 2000. It was directed by Ridley Scott, starring Russell Crowe as Maximus, Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus, Connie Nielsen as Lucilla, Ralf Möller as Hagen, Oliver Reed as Proximo, Djimon Hounsou as Juba, Derek Jacobi as Gracchus, John Shrapnel as Gaius and Richard Harris as Marcus Aurelius. This movie shows how the Roman Republic was a long long time ago. The main character, Maximus, was a general before, but he was forced to become a slave who seeks revenge against Commodus. Plot Synopsis

This movie tells us more about the Roman Republic and the Roman Senate. It began in 180 AD, when Maximus leads the Roman army to victory from the Germanic people, which made Emperor Marcus give temporary privileges to Maximus to return power to the Roman Senate. This made Commodus, Emperor Marcus’ son, very mad and envious, that he murders his father by choking him to death so that he will be the one to claim the throne. Gladiator really captured the life of the Romans during the early years. Themes

Throughout the entire film, we see the importance of perseverance and the strength of Maximus to survive the different battles that he encountered. Maximus faces so many obstacles in his life especially when Commodus murdered his wife and his son. He became a slave and was forced to fight in the arena. He proves that he is a very strong and fierce gladiator and that no one, even the strongest and undefeated gladiator (Tigris), can defeat him. Visual Elements

The film has a dark lighting, but the shots and the position of the camera was very good. You could see and understand all of the important parts, especially during the battles when Maximus and the soldiers were fighting, you could clearly see how they fight with each other. And the costumes were very good. It was very realistic and I think it really captured the real clothing that...
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