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Soyez Polis
Jacques Prévert
It must be very polite with the land
And with the sun
We must thank the morning waking up
We must thank them for the heat
For trees
For fruit
For all that is good to eat
For all that is beautiful to look at
A touch
We must thank
Do not bother ...
They know what they have to do
The sun and the earth
Then we must let them
Or they can get angry
And then after
We changed
In squash
In Watermelon
Or flint
And is well advanced ...
The sun is in love with the land
It looks
It is their business
And when there are eclipses
It is not prudent or discreet look
Through dirty pieces of smoked glass
They argue
It is the personal stories
Better not to interfere
If one gets involved it may be changed
In frozen potato
Or curling iron
The sun loves the earth
The earth loves the sun
And it turns
To be admired
And the sun is beautiful
And it shines on it
And when he is tired
He goes to bed
And the moon rises
The moon is the former lover of the sun
But she was jealous
And she was punished
She became quite cold
And she only comes out at night
It should also be polite to the moon
Without it or it can make you a bit crazy
And it can also
If she wants
You change snowman
In streetlight
Or candle
Basically to summarize
Two points, open quotes:
"We need everyone to be polite to the world and then there are wars ... epidemics of earthquakes Waves were gunshots ...
And big nasty red ants coming to eat you feet while you sleep at night. '

Le Recyclage En France: On Croule Sous Le Dechats
This is a flood that will eventually drown us. Department two could be overwhelmed by garbage and waste management costs increasingly expensive: roughly 10 billion euros (against € 3.5 billion in 1990), nearly half paid directly by households in the form of taxes removal. Basically, every French pay 120 euros per year to treat their garbage. Contained in our garbage? As each person produces 360 pounds of trash per year, 70 pounds of organic waste that could end up in a compost individual, 50 pounds of paper magazines or newspapers. * 29% of putrescible waste

* 25% of paper and cardboard
* 13% Glass
* 11% plastic
* 4% metal
18% of various
What happens to our waste?
* Only 20% of the 30 million tons of trash are recycled. In 2003, the rate of recycling of household packaging eco-packaging program was 63%. Including industrial packaging, we arrive at a recycling rate of 44% in France. But beware: recyclable does not mean recycled. This is not because a product-door Recyclable logo (the Moebius loop or ring) that the product will necessarily be recycled at end of life. * The green dot is present on 95% of the packaging indicates that the company contributes to the Eco-packaging but does not mean that the product is recycled. Far from it. * 80% of remaining waste is disposed of in landfills or incinerated. An incinerator plant is expensive and time consuming to build garbage burning at 850 degrees and becomes a balance of 40 kg of solid material. Incineration is often frightening because of pollutants it releases into the atmosphere. But we must know that it is true there are 2000 kinds of particles released by an incineration plant, great progress has been made in 15 years. For example, the rejection rate of carcinogenic dioxins from modern incinerators was divided by 100 and corresponds to the European standards. * In half of the departments, especially in Brittany, Normandy, or the South East, we pass close to congestion in 2009. Landfills, in turn, are expected to disappear from the landscape but they are often a source of pollution one of the best known is the discharge Entressen Marseille which collects some 600 000 tonnes of garbage Marseille open to see fault incinerator Fos-sur-Mer to take over before 2008.

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