Ap European History- Dbq Essay 2

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Christianity, Catholic Church Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: January 24, 2011
Martin Luther and John Calvin were two influential forces during the protestant reformation. Although both were against the Roman Catholic Church, they brought about very different ideas in religion. Martin Luther founded the group know today as Lutherans. Martin believed that persons could be saved by grace alone and that the Eucharist was a symbol of Christ and not Christ’s actual body. Indulgences were nothing more than selling salvation for money. For Luther, humans cannot earn salvation, rather God chooses few people to save—called the elect. On the other hand Calvin believed human beings did not have free will because that would take away from the power of God. Unlike Luther, Calvin believed that church should be ruled by state and that the bible be recognized as the center of all Christian teachings. Many of Calvin’s ideas were controversial but he improved the morals of the church drastically. He developed the pattern of church government what is now called Presbyterian. Martin Luther and John Calvin achieved great results, but went about it in different ways. Luther was more concerned with his spirituality and therefore set an example by changing himself and the teachings of the church. Whereas Calvin, was more concerned with changing society and government. In John Calvin’s perspective, Martin Luther would not be considered a heretic. This is primarily because both Calvin and Luther recognized the Catholic Church as corrupt, involving too much with politics and claiming poverty yet collecting wealth. One of Luther’s greatest contributions to society was translating the bible to German making it possible for people to study the word of God. “We see God as possessing a double will” Luther stated, willing both good and evil. I think that that the Catholic Church needed reform because I believe in predestination as well. It is god who decides who goes to heaven, not man. Indulgences are organized methods of robbing citizens to help the pay the clergymen...
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