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Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, World War II Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Adolf Hitler rose through the ranks quickly to gain absolute power but in the end lost it all. He rose to power through the Nazi party and once he gained power he soon started World War II. Throughout the war Hitler made many decisions that led to him gaining even more support and power. As the war came to a close, bad decision finally led to the downfall of Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler rose to power quickly, maintained his empire through the actions taken, and soon fell through the decisions made at the closing of World War II.

Through the weakness of Germany following the preceding war and signing the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler was able to rise to power. From the book Adolf Hitler by Liz Gogerly, Gogerly stated that due to the Treaty of Versailles, millions of Germans were unemployed and crime rate rose significantly (Doc D). Hitler saw this as an opportunity for him and his Nazi party to raise awareness and gain seats in the Reichstag. In Document E, Gogerly stated that Hitler was offered a position the Germans Worker’s Party to organize recruitment and propaganda and after gathering his first audience, he knew he was a talented speaker. He used his talent with words to hold many rallies which helped him gain support of the German people to become the Fuehrer. The propaganda poster from Document H, shows Hitler holding the Nazi flag in front of his fellow Nazi party members. The artist depicts Hitler as being the savior of the German people by shows how powerful he is followed by the support of the Nazi Party.

The many actions taken by Hitler and the Nazi Party led to the successful control of Hitler over Germany. Cited in “The Western Heritage”, Since 1300 AP Edition; the Nazis attacked unemployment that by 1936 while the rest of Europe’s economy struggled, Germany no longer was haunted by it (Doc A). This describes how the Nazi party took steps toward making Germany a powerful country. In Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution of 1919, it stated that...
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