Ap Euro Ch 12 Terms and Review

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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AP Euro

Chapter 12: Terms and Review Questions
Great Famine- Almost all of Northern Europe suffered from this in the years of 1315-1322. Many crisis struck early in the fourteenth century. This all started with bad weather, which caused universal crop failures. Black Death- Another name for the Bubonic Plague.

Buba- A boil that is caused by the Bubonic Plague, usually on the neck, armpit, or groin and causes excruciating pain. Flagellants- Group of people that whipped themselves to rid them of sins, in belief that Black Death was God’s punishment on humans for wickedness. Crecy-A city in Northern France 1346, English longbowmen scored a great victory over the French knights and crossbowmen. Agincourt- near Arras in 1415, the chivalric English soldier- King Henery V gained the field over vastly superior numbers. Joan of Arc- A peasant girl that convinced the French government the dauphin needed to be crowned and to expel the English out of France. She dressed as a man and fought in the war, but was caught and burned at the stake for being a witch. Representative assemblies- the beginnings to modern government like the English Parliament and German Diets Nationalism- The feeling of unity and identity that binds together people. The English had strong nationalism after winning the war. Babylonian Captivity- referring to the seventy years the ancient Hebrews was held captive in Mesopotamian Schism- Another word for division, in this case the division of the French and English and their Popes. Conciliarists- believed that reform of the church could best be achieved through periodic assemblies, or general councils, representing all the Christian people. Statue of Kilkenny- “there was to be no marriages between those of immigrant and native stock” To make sure there was no racism in Ireland Merchant- The fine you have to pay the lord to get a woman married. Banns- Public announcements that are posted on the church door that says who is...
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