AP Essay

Post hoc ergo propter hoc

From the Committee of Weapons for Teachers (WFT):

Many people believe that due to the increasing amount of public schools and educational institutions that we as a nation need to guarantee the safety of our children and fellow Americans. The only manner in which we can secure the well being of those within schools and to prevent anymore massacres of our children is to give the educators within the institutions the permission to carry loaded weapons within the boundaries of the schools. This is the only available method because teachers are the educators of our children. Since they are the educators of our children and are paid to do so they would never harm the children within schools. No matter what the circumstances teachers can be trusted to do the right thing because that is what they teach our children to do. Every teacher that has been on the news has been there because of their ability to help students. No one other than the teachers of our students can be trusted because even the parents of other children would cause harm to other children, we don’t know what they are capable of or even what they are thinking. Giving teachers the authority to carry weapons wouldn’t be a hazard to children because the children like their teachers dearly and would never think of taking their firearm and decide to fire the weapon. There has never been a case of a child taking the firearm of a teacher and firing it within a school, so this would never happen. The children would never even think of doing that. Children aren’t curious or even rebellious, they just do what they are told and aren’t eager to learn or try out new things. By giving teachers firearms to carry no one would dare to attack a school again and if someone was cruel enough to do so the teachers should eliminate the threat they propose by using their firearms to stop them from harming any children. The teachers would be solving the problem of a potential threat from a firearm rather than pose a threat....
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