Ap English Vocabulary

Topics: Adjective, Noun, Verb Pages: 9 (2019 words) Published: August 17, 2008

1. Aghast

Definition:struck with overwhelming shock or amazement; filled with sudden fright or horror: ADJECTIVE. Synonyms:afraid, agape, agog, alarmed, amazed, anxious, appalled, astonished, astounded, awestruck, confounded, dismayed, dumbfounded, frightened, overwhelmed, shocked, startled, stunned, surprised, terrified, thunderstruck Antonyms:undisturbed, unperturbed, unsurprised

Companion Forms:None.
Sentences:1. We sat, aghast, with mouths open, looking at the painting in wonder.

2. Bilk

Definition:to defraud; cheat: VERB.
Synonyms:bamboozle*, beat, circumvent, con, deceive, defraud, disappoint, do*, fleece*, flimflam*, foil, frustrate, gyp*, overreach, rook*, ruin, swindle, thwart, trick Antonyms:give, give away
Companion Forms:Bilked-transitive verb, bilk•ing-transitive verb, bilks-transitive verb, bilker-noun Sentences:1. The man bilked his way to the top, cheating and betraying his friends. 2. The act of bilking a test is a surefire way to get an integrity referral. 3. He bilks himself by refusing to learn this information he will need later. 4. The bilker of the class lied to the teacher about his parent’s signature.

3. Choleric

Definition:extremely irritable or easily angered: ADJECTIVE Synonyms:affronted, annoyed, antagonized, bitter, chafed, choleric, convulsed, cross, displeased, enraged, exacerbated, exasperated, ferocious, fierce, fiery, fuming, furious, galled, hateful, heated, hot, huffy, ill-tempered, impassioned, incensed, indignant, inflamed, infuriated, irascible, irate, ireful, irritable, irritated, maddened, nettled, offended, outraged, passionate, piqued, provoked, raging, resentful, riled, sore, splenetic, storming, sulky, sullen, tumultuous, turbulent, uptight, vexed, wrathful Antonyms:calm, content, euphoric, gleeful, happy, joyful, joyous, pleased Companion Forms:chol•er•i•cal•ly, chol•er•ic•ly, adverb chol•er•ic•ness, noun

Sentences:1. The choleric nature of the little boy clashed with the girl’s shy nature. 2. The wrestler cholerically threw the chair at his opponent, with rage. 3. The baby’s irritating behavior brought out the mother’s cholericness.

4. Decadence

Definition:the act or process of falling into an inferior condition or state; deterioration; decay: NOUN Synonyms:corruption, debasement, decay, decline, degeneracy, degeneration, degradation, devolution, dissipation, dissolution, downfall, downgrade, evil, fall, regression, retrogression, self-indulgence Antonyms:NONE

Companion Forms:dec•a•den•cy-noun.
Sentences:1. The decadency of the old house caused concern for its stability. 2. The school’s decadence of education caused its academic deterioration.

5. Demise

Definition:death or decease: NOUN
Synonyms:annihilation, big jump, collapse, curtains, decease, departure, dissolution, downfall, dying, end, ending, expiration, extinction, failure, fall, final thrill*, last out*, last roundup*, lights out*, number's up*, passing, quietus, ruin, silence, sleep, tap city, taps, termination Antonyms:birth, beginning

Companion Forms:de•mis•a•bil•i•ty, noun
de•mis•a•ble, adjective
Sentences:1. When the book’s character met his demise I could not help but feel sad. 2. Immortals are not demisable because they are unable to die. 3. The demisability of the fish was realized when we found him dead.

6. Emit

Definition:to send forth (liquid, light, heat, sound, particles, etc.); discharge: VERB Synonyms:
Companion Forms:e•mit•ted, e•mit•ting, e•mits (all transitive verbs) Sentences:1. The campaigning governor emits an appeal from his podium to my vote. 2. When the football has been thrown in the air, it has been emitted. 3. When emitting a basketball into a hoop, make sure to toss high. 4. The radio stations emit radio waves from their networks, to my radio.

7. Eradicate

Definition:to remove or destroy utterly; extirpate: VERB
Synonyms:afford, beam, belch, breathe, cast out, diffuse,...
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