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Topics: Medicine, The Rev, Physician Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: May 22, 2013
1: As a physician, he is excellent, combining his knowledge of American Indian herbal medicine and British medicine. He chooses as his spiritual mentor the Reverend Dimmesdale.

2: Chillingworth takes a strong interest in Dimmesdale; the congregation takes this as a good sign and hope that he can heal Dimmesdale. But Dimmesdale says he needs no medicine. Eventually, he is persuaded and Chillingworth becomes his personal physician.

4: The townspeople begin to change their opinions of him, fearing that Dimmesdale is being haunted and hunted by Satan himself in the guise of Chillingworth.

6: Chillingworth's original wish to see justice changed during the course of the novel. At first he wanted to see the shame that the offender should take, but by chapter 13 Chillingworth wants revenge of Dimmesdale, who he has figured to be the offender. He wants revenge on Dimmesdale, he wants him to suffer.

7&3) What does Chillingworth say is the source of Dimmesdale's strange illness? A: Chillingworth tells Dimmesdale that his illness is due to a problem with his soul. 

12) where does dimmesdale go at night
Hester scaffold

13) who joins him
Rev Wilson

8: He finds a scar in the shape of an "A" on his chest.

9: Dimmesdale is now at the mercy of Chillingworth because Chillingworth has become his doctor. Dimmesdale is become sicker and Chillingworth is the "only" one that can help him

10: being sick made him a better minister and made him able to relate with his congregation

11: fasting whipping himself and fasting

14: He sees an A in the sky

15: Hester pearl ands chillingworth

5:Dark plants grow on the grave of someone who dies with an unconfessed sin
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