Ap Biology Study Guide — Online Activities Chapter 16

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  • Published : March 8, 2012
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AP Biology Study Guide — Online Activities Chapter 16

The Molecular Basis of Inheritance
First read through the chapter while looking for references to figures. When you come to them stop reading for a second and study what each figure has to say and show, then continue reading. I can’t stress how important it is to study these figures as you read the text. After you have read the chapter go to the Internet and connect to campbellbiology.com, click on our textbook and logon with your user name and password, select chapter 16 then click on GO. In the Chapter Guide Study Area, click on Self-Quiz toward the bottom of the page. Answer the questions then click Submit Answers for Grading. Next, click on the Chapter Guide in the left hand blue column and complete the following seven activities. 1. Activity: The Hershey-Chase Experiment. 2. Activity: DNA and RNA Structure. 3. Activity: DNA Double Helix. 4. Activity: DNA Replication: An Overview. 5. Activity: DNA Replication: A Closer Look. 6. Activity: DNA Replication Review. 7. Activity: DNA Packing Go to Concept 16.2 and study the Investigation: What is the Correct Model for DNA Replication? Note: The Meselson-Stahl experiment is one of those important experiments you should remember. Also, note how they use a centrifuge to separate heavy and light isotopes of nitrogen. Study screens 1-6, Click to Open the Lab Notebook and Questions and answer Questions 1-5, then submit your five answers for grading. Finally, back in the Chapter Guide Study Area under Chapter Review, take the Activities Quiz then submit it for grading by clicking Submit Answers for Grading. After studying this chapter you should know and understand the meaning of the following Word Roots: helic- = a spiral (helicase: an enzyme that untwists the double helix of DNA at the replication forks) liga- = bound or tied (DNA ligase: a linking enzyme for DNA replication) -phage = to eat (bacteriophages: viruses that infect bacteria) semi- = half...
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