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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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1. The woman in the photograph is Henrietta Lacks. She had seen the picture many times in magazines and science textbooks, on blogs and laboratory walls.
Rebecca Skloot may start to write this book to know about Henrietta Lacks. She was staring at the photo for a long time and she always had wondered about Henrietta Lacks’ life story. Rebecca Skloot went to an alternative school after she had failed her freshman year at a regular public high school. She took a biology class at a community college in order to get high school credits. She first heard about HeLa cells and Henrietta Lacks in her biology class. She was studying biology at a college and writing at a graduate school. I think she decided to include her story in this book because she believes her life is related with Henrietta Lacks and she was inspired by her and her cell while her cell, HeLa cell still exists in the world.

Part 1: “Life”

2. She was treated at Hopkins, while Hopkins was only major hospital near that treats African Americans. Some hospitals were not diagnosed for African Americans, even though some hospitals do diagnose them but doctors did not concern about African Americans as much as they do for white people. I do not think she understood what the treatments do and what they are while she was not educated, like other African Americans who lived in 1950s. Doctors might find her cancer earlier if she was white so if they were diagnosing her meticulously.

3.Invasive cervical carcinomas, which have penetrated the surface of the cervix, was rare back that time, so the doctor did not worry about it, so he treated it aggressively. He removed her organs. The doctor did biopsy her cell. 4.      He is the doctor who was working at Hopkins, and he was growing cells outside of human bodies. He wanted to grow immortal cells that do not die quickly outside of human bodies while the cells, that he was growing, die quickly.

5.      The consent form says that she permits doctors to do...
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