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The age of exploration created new opportunities for all the countries involved in it. New trade routes were established to try and locate a northwest passage, leading to the development of the triangle trade system. England was the last country to colonize the Americas. The raw materials and goods taken from the Americas were given to the mother country, which was the idea of mercantilism. The opportunities created by this period of time would change the world.

The different nations of the world wanted to find a northwest passage to India, but what they got instead was the triangle trade system. They did this by sending many voyages to search for the passage. Portugal and Spain were the first countries to finance these sailing expeditions because of their wealth and support by the monarchy. Portuguese explorer Da Gama sailed to Africa, and brought back slaves and salt. Christopher Columbus was knocked off his path by different wind patterns and ocean currents, leading to the discovery of the Americas and the West Indies. Thus, while the Northwest Passage was never discovered, the exploration led to a triangle trade system between Africa, the Americas, and the European mother countries.

The different mother countries wanted to colonize the Americas, and competed to do so. Spain controlled Mexico and most of the Andes Mountains area, France controlled the Midwest territories, and Portugal controlled parts of South America. The English were far behind the other countries in colonizing land because they started colonizing after the rest of the countries. Many Englishmen journeyed to the colonies because they would acquire their own land, which was different from England, because only the oldest son can inherit land. Also, criminals who were mostly arrested and put to death for petty crimes were sent to the New World as an incentive. The country was so poor and overpopulated...
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