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1988 MC National AP European History Exam 100 questions in 75 minutes.

1. Salvation by faith alone, the ministry of all believers, and the authority of the Bible are principles basic to

(A) the Christian humanism of Erasmus
(B) the Church of England
(C) Catholicism after the Council of Trent
(D) Lutheranism in the early sixteenth century
(E) the Society of Jesus (Jesuit order)

2. The Edict of Nantes in 1598 did which of the following?

(A) Ensured Anglo-French cooperation throughout the seventeenth century. (B) Created a French church separated from papal authority. (C) Ended the War of the Spanish Succession.
(D) Proclaimed the toleration of Calvinism.
(E) Precipitated the French Wars of Religion.


3.The sketch above, drawn by Galileo in 1610, was used to argue that the Moon

(A) has no phases
(B) has an irregular surface
(C) is one of the planets
(D) does not revolve around the Earth
(E) is illuminated by Mars

4. “You venerate the saints and delight in touching their relics, but you despise the best one they left behind, the example of a holy life .... If the worship of Christ in the person of His saints pleases you so much, see to it that you imitate Christ in the saints”

The quotation above expresses the views of which of the following?

(A) Henry VIII of England
(B) Catherine de Médici
(C) Erasmus of Rotterdam
(D) Leonardo da Vinci
(E) Niccolo Machiavelli

5. John Locke based his Two Treatises on Government primarily on which of the following views of human nature?

(A) People are basically rational and learn from practical experience. (B) People are weak and sinful and need the guidance of organized religion. (C) People are fallible and need guidance from the cumulative wisdom of tradition. (D) People are inherently quarrelsome and should never be encouraged to revolt against state authority. (E) People are born with all knowledge, and learning is the process of remembering that innate knowledge


6. The map above of eighteenth-century Russia suggests which of the following about Russian territory between 1689 and 1796?

(A) The Ottoman Empire annexed the Crimea
(B) Peter the Great added more territory to Russia than did Catherine the Great (C) Most Russian expansion took place in the east
(D) Russia ceded territory to Poland in the late eighteenth century (E) Russia acquired navigable seaports in both the north and the south

7. Which of the following best describes the political and economic environment of much of fifteenth century Italy?

(A) A few large states dominated by a wealthy landed nobility (B) A strong unified Italian monarchy that patronized the arts (C) Many independent city-states with prosperous merchant oligarchies (D) Control of most of Italy by the pope, who encouraged mercantile development (E) Support of the arts in Italy by the kings of France and the Holy Roman emperors, who were competing for influence

8. The response of the Roman Catholic church to the Protestant Reformation included all of the following EXCEPT

(A) the abolition of the Index of Prohibited Books
(B) the establishment of the Society of Jesus (Jesuit order) (C) the convening of the Council of Trent
(D) the founding of women’s orders active in education and care of the sick (E) an increase in the number of parish grammar schools


9. The Pieter Brueghal painting (circa 1569) shown above depicts the massacre of villagers in

A) the Netherlands by Spanish troops
B) Russia by Ottoman troops
C) Spain by English troops
D) France by Swedish troops
E) Hungary by Austrian

10.The first political use of the terms “right” and “left” was to describe the

(A) division of France into predominantly Protestant and predominantly Roman Catholic areas (B) seating arrangements in the French National Assembly chamber during the...
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