Anzac Day

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  • Published : June 20, 2012
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Anzac Day is Not an Excuse to Party

The Anzac Day is now become an excuse for the ‘yobbos’ to have party and get drunk. Last Tuesday night at two different hotels, Colonial Hotel on Lonsdale St and Royal Melbourne Hotel in Bourke St, many idiots were lured to attend ‘Plastic Anzac Day Eve!’ by a poster which bragging “Cheap as F*ck Drinks” and “Free Anzac Biscuits”. This kind of event should not take place at the same time with Anzac Day when people should be commemorating and not celebrating.

The Anzac Day is about commemorating the 60,000 young Australians that were killed on the battlefields of Gallipoli and in northern France; it is not the appropriate time for having party of getting drunk. Fred Cullen, president of the Ivanhoe RSL, said that marketing the event on the back of Anzac Day was inappropriate and lack of respect. “If they’re using the Anzac’s as an excuse to party then there’s definitely a lack of respect.” he said.

This party also published in the Facebook site. Organizers for the event stated on its Facebook site there would be “hot babes handing out ANZAC biscuits”. And also more than 9000 Victorians received an invitation to the event through social media and more than 1000 people coming to the party. The party starts at 8 pm and finished at 3 am. According to the law, businesses cannot open before one o’clock, but here’s the party going until three in the morning. “It occurs to me that this shouldn’t be tolerated.” said Mr Cullen.

It seems that the real meaning of Anzac Day has been lost among the youth. We need to teach our kids about the story behind the Anzac Day and get back to commemorating and remembering those who sacrificed everything for us.
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