Anytime Anywhere

Topics: Learning, Reading, Skill Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Gabriela Ibarra
H. English 10
Anytime, Anywhere
“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” Fedrick Douglass, a famous African-America writer, once said this quote, showing how powerful reading is to a person. Douglass believes that literacy is an important skill to know; Douglass one of many writers to think this way. Sandra Cisneros comes across this topic in her narrative “Straw Into Gold”; Sherman Alexis in “Superman and Me” talks about this subject; Malcolm X also comes into the literacy affect in “The Autobiography of Malcolm X.” All of theses amazing and inspirational writers have the same perspective of literacy. People can learn literacy from anywhere. Whether someone grows up poo, moves around a lot or resides in jail, there are no excuses. Cisneros, Alexie, and X explain through their challenging lives how this is true.

Cisneros is a proud Mexican writer that many people told her would not make it to the real world. “I’ve managed to do a lot of things in my life I didn’t think I was capable of…Especially because I am a woman, a Latina, and only daughter in a family of six men” (Cisneros 106). Remembering everything Cisneros has over came in life that she imagined she would have. Mostly because of where she came from, being a woman and Latina. Cisneros coming from where she came from still learned how to read and write. For that same reason she became a successful person, she did not think she would be.

Not only did Cisneros come from somewhere abnormal but also she had a rough childhood. “When I was a little girl we traveled to Mexico City so much. I thought my grandparents’ house…was home”(Cisneros 107). Explaining her childhood and how her and her Ibarra 2

family would travel place to place, never having a place to call home. Only having her parents and brothers. Cisneros went through a hard childhood. Not having a place to settle down or having best friends, always being the weird one in school. She came through and...
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