Anyone Can Be a Hero

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  • Published : November 16, 2012
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Anyone Can Be a Hero
Jennifer L. Jefferson


July 8, 2012

Sonya Macon

Anyone Can Be a Hero
Everyone has heard through some type of media resource that there are no more heroes in the world today, that any or everyone we look up to has a bad reputation or not worth our time and eventually will steer us in the wrong direction. To our understanding this is not true there are heroes in our world, Webster dictionary defines hero as a male figure that displays superior courage and strength or a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal. Heroes are everywhere we just need to look further and find the hero within the people we know personally or people we have heard about. A hero is strong and looked up to and admired by many or only a few. The Ordinary Heroes

Throughout a person’s life we can experience many obstacles, challenges, and hardships; that we sometimes face alone. There is always that one person that we seek for guidance, inspiration or just to save us from anything. To some they are parents and grandparents to others they are called the ordinary heroes. In fact an ordinary hero truly can be anyone that appeals to be hard-working, loving and dedicated. That is why parents and grandparents are classified as ordinary heroes, in the eyes of young children they watch as their loved ones love, support, push and make plans for them to have a better life. It’s not easy growing up not having that one person that has your best interest at heart, but to have someone to struggle to make sure that their children and families have the best out of life is an amazing experience. As a son grows up and wants to follow in his father’s footsteps because while he was younger he watched how his father made everything possible come to life for him.

On the web site “my hero”, a young man wrote something special about his father and he quoted “as I was...
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