Anybody's Son Will Do

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: July 28, 2011
Anybody’s Son will do

This reading is about how the U.S. Marine’s socialize their recruits. How the socialization techniques of the Marine’s are compared to the socialization techniques that have brought me to my current place in life. Also tells why the socialization techniques of the Marine Corps. is so effective. Society as a whole could learn from using trust... Without trust the Marine’s would not be as efficient.

The U.S. Marine Corps. Socialize their recruits through boot camp. In boot camp Marine’s are taught to command others with higher rank and proper authority. Physical training, weapon training, and drills are the main elements of training. During boot camp the marine is taught the main purpose is to accomplish a military mission through a well coordinated team as opposed to individual effort. The marine is also taught the objectives of the Marine Corps. Leadership through training. Through basic training civilians are turned into Marine’s in three months. Insults and abuse are used to break their pride to destroy their ability to resist transformation of values, loyalty and attitudes that the Marine Corps. intend. What enables a man to fight is their own self-respect. Their job is basically about killing and dying, so it is essential that the recruits learn the attitudes of group loyalty and interdependency, which will be their soul hope for survival and success. The socialization techniques of the marine’s are fairly similar to the socialization techniques that have been used to bring me to my current place in life. Only difference is I haven’t experienced the insults and abuse quite as bad like they have. Like the marine’s who are taught to obey higher rank with proper authority, I too have been disciplined to obey my parents and elders and the law. The Marine’s socialization techniques include physical training, weapon training, and drills. Whereas my socialization techniques include school, work, and parenting....
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