Any Given Sunday

Topics: Flavor, Olfaction, Taste Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: May 15, 2013
ashley adams
Any Given Sunday
making homemade ice cream used to be a valued activity in my household as a child. every sunday we would come up with different flavors of ice cream to make. all ice cream is great but home made is my personal preference, mainly because it was my own. ice cream can come in many forms, textures, and even flavors. when i make homemade ice cream it is made to fit my own likes. i prefer my ice cream thick, yet still creamy. the first time i made homemade ice cream, I made what i call "chocolate dream." it consisted of a rich fudge and chocolatey mix with a marshmellow textured glaze. chocolate dream was rich with flavor and made anyone who ate it taste buds dance. it gives enough chocolate without making one have a horrible sugar rush. it melts in my mouth and gives the satisfaction i desire. i close my eyes and savor the ice cold chocolate, as it begans to melt and warm in my mouth thats when the fudge comes in. The marshamellow glaze compliments it by streching the ingredients,basically it adds more umph to it. although it doesnt look really good it always gives me a run for my money. with the ice cream being chocolate and fudge flavored cant go wrong.i am definantly a chocolate week, so if i cant smell the chocolate it is not chocolatey enough. chocolate smells like a hot summer night with a cold water rush. when i make my special chocolate dream it never comes out quite the same. sometimes it would be lumpy and really dark, yet at other times it a rich caramel color and really smooth ,but too creamy. Everyone becomes speechless to the taste only sounds you hear are mmmhhh. Try making your own !
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