Anxiety in Children

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Child Anxiety
Many people believe that the events which take place in ones childhood do not effect their adulthood, but scientific studies show that it actually does effect ones adulthood. I have been through certain situations in my life which have effected my ability to grow completely. These experiences define childhood anxiety. Childhood anxiety is panic attacks experienced by children due to various reasons. Other symptoms may include heart burns, cold sweats, and nightmares. For example, since I did not know how to deal with stress as a child, I was not able to make decisions on my own because of certain fears. If these anxiety attacks are not dealt with at an early age, they may result in further problems in the developmental process, potentially leading to death. Many would believe that childhood anxiety has very little effect in adulthood which is not true because unattended phobias or anxiety illnesses can have a dramatic effect on how a person functions in their later years.

Some would argue that one is born with certain disorders, but anxiety develops in a child through the interaction they have with their family members or the community. According to “What about me? Siblings of Children with an Anxiety Disorder” families with children who already experience anxiety disorders are more likely to develop them. One should not get this confused with genetics. Genetics do not have effect on how much anxiety a person experiences, rather it depends on the environment and the people one is around. So if a person is around someone who experiences anxiety disorders, such as their sibling, then they have a greater chance of developing this disorder compared to the general population. According to the same article in the journal, children who have a greater relationship with their siblings and other direct family members tend to have better friendships, higher self-esteem, and lower levels of loneliness, depression, and delinquent behaviors....
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