Anxiety and Vincent

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  • Published : January 28, 2008
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Micheal Nyman's music in gattaca has a large influence on how the audience interprets scenes throughout the film. Alongside Nyman's music, Andrew niccol uses various techniques such as filters, camera shots, editing, lighting and sound affects which all contribute in helping to portray the emotions felt by the characters. Gattaca is a movie about deception and perfection in the ‘not so distant future'. It is a ‘surveillance' society obsessed with perfection who leave little or not lee way for those who are ‘invalid' or are born as a ‘god-child'.

The element of deception is highlighted at the begging of the film as we see microscopic views of excess flakes of skin, hair and nails which ironically look like snow, and pieces of lumbar to the viewers. These microscopic close-ups are done alongside cold and haunting music with a loud exaggeration of sounds when the nails and hair hits the surface. This haunting music could also be interpreted as being suspenseful thereby creating a sense of anxiety and deception. The music then soon starts to change from an ominous composition to one with much sorrowful type of tune. This is when we first meet the protagonist Vincent Anton freeman. The viewers first see Vincent from behind the grail

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When Vincent had thrown his contacts out of the car, we see the world as Vincent sees it. s of a furnace emphasizing a sense of imprisonment. Eugene is still franticly climbing the stairs when he quickly answers just as Anton and Irene were leaving. There is no language in this scene only action so the music and the editing is crucial in creating a sense of anxiety. After Vincent had crossed the music quickly changed and became a type of romantic tune, as Irene and Vincent stood and watched the reflection of the sunrise on the solar panels. Eugene prepares samples of his DNA everyday for Vincent. He is determined to keep his identity a secret, no matter what it takes. Combining this technique alongside a suspenseful type of...
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