Anxiety and Mythology Lucy

Topics: Anxiety, Son, Daughter Pages: 4 (1436 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Lucy was the name of a powerful goddess. Her hair was long and straight, it was long enough to touch the ground. The color of her hair was unique. It was baby blue in the sun, but it was silver when the moon shone on it. She also had the most beautiful blue eyes. They looked like the deep sea. When she smiled, we saw her even and white teeth. She was naïve and charming. Her friendly and sweet smiles got others’ praise. Lucy had a characteristic. She easily believed others. She had never lied to others because she believed that it was very wrong and had bad consequence. Lucy had also never doubled other people because she thought that everything in the world was kind, nice and virtuous. She had never said anything bad. In her heart, our world would have peace forever. There was no evil, war, or crime. Once a poor farmer’s gold was stolen. No one admitted it and returned the gold to him. Others suggested Lucy that she should search everyone’s house to find the gold. Lucy didn’t do it because she believed that the thief would tell the truth. Finally, Lucy was right. Her kindness moved the thief. He returned the gold to the farmer quietly. Everyone was admired to Lucy because she solved the problem easily without made any trouble to others. Foreseeing the future was Lucy’s magical power. It supported her as a goddess. That was a peculiar ability in the world. Her predictions had saved many people, even the whole earth. Everyone loved her, admired her and thanked her. No one could live without the great goddess, Lucy. When Lucy, the supreme goddess, was a little baby, she was different from others. She was quiet and independent. She didn’t need others’ care. Her childhood was admired. One day, a monster planned to kill her. The monster knew that Lucy would be a formidable goddess in the future. She would rule the earth. He didn’t want her to rule everything because he wanted to be the supreme and immortal god instead of her. He made a careful and...
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