Anwr - We Should Drill

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  • Published : May 1, 2012
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ANWR: Drilling Mandatory
or Unnecessary

Shannon Bowerman
Hour 7
Laughlin -- February 12, 2008
English Research Paper

Shannon Bowerman
Hour 7
February 12, 2008
English Research Paper – Introduction
Since 1987, the issue of whether or not drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) should be allowed has been one of the concerns of political figures, as well as many Americans. This issue has been fought before the Senate at least three times since 1995. Each time it has been debated, the House has ruled in favor to drill, but the President has vetoed the proposal. Clinton was the last President to do so. The land concentrated on in the debate is the northern coastal plain of ANWR in Alaska. ANWR consists of 19.6 million acres, and only 1.5 million acres are up for oil exploration, this area is known as Section 10-02. Only 2,000 of those acres are going to be drilled in. That is in comparison to a postcard on a football field. Less than one percent of ANWR will be used for drilling and only eight percent will be used for exploration. There are many unknown factors about drilling in ANWR. Many citizens argue on whether or not ANWR will be hurt drastically because of the drilling. That brings up the debate on whether or not animals would be harmed during the construction, or if animals would decrease in numbers due to the interruption of migrating patterns or habitats. There is the unknown aspect of how much oil ANWR will actually yield, as well as the expense that America will need to pay in order to drill. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the debate of whether or not to drill in ANWR, some of the arguments are based upon feelings and not facts; there are the instances where facts cannot refute each other, or there is no clear ‘morally’ correct answer.

Shannon Bowerman
Hour 4
February 12, 2008
English Research Paper – Pro Drilling

Less Dependence on Foreign Oil
Republican Congressman Kenny Marchant supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). According to him, “There is no reason not to support energy exploration in ANWR.” The government should allow and fund drilling in the wildlife refuge in northern Alaska because there are numerous benefits. If drilling in ANWR is allowed, it will help America’s economy immensely and create thousands of jobs, it will lower America’s dependence on foreign oil, and it will be done without disrupting or damaging the environment. By drilling in ANWR, there will be hundreds of thousands of occupations formed. The amount of jobs created is estimated to be about 736,000 ("Top Ten Reasons to Support ANWR Development" par 3). These jobs would provide safe energy supplies as well as produce a demand for services and goods. Trading and manufacturing the oil that comes from these reservoirs produces many jobs. These jobs give employed citizens the opportunity to turn their lives around as well as improve the country’s economy by bringing money into the nation. The country’s economy will be affected immensely by drilling in ANWR, but in a positive way. The government would receive a lot of the revenue due to drilling; according to the Office of Management and Budget, they would earn approximately 152 to 237 billion dollars ("Top Ten Reasons to Support ANWR Development" par 2). This money could go towards paying off the country’s enormous debt or help decrease our trade deficit, which continues to be fed by the buying and selling of foreign oil (Palin OP1). Along with all of this, our dependency on foreign oil would also be reduced by drilling in ANWR. America depends on foreign oil immensely because Americans consume large amounts of it daily. Roughly fifty-seven percent of all oil coming from a foreign country,...