Antwone Fisher: Running Heads- Stereotypes

Topics: African American, Black people, African diaspora Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: February 23, 2013
One of the first stereotypes that I feel I have encountered as an African American male is the fact that black males are uneducated. I have overcome this stereotype by simply returning to college to further my education. I believe that education is a very important factor in everyone’s life whether they are black or white. People should always want to do better, and see themselves in positive situation. I don’t feel that this is a stereotype that will change overnight but I do feel that it is something that will change with time. African American’s are returning to school now more than ever. For some it may be to obtain their high school diploma, and for other it may be to receive more advanced degrees like their doctorate degrees. I believe African American males fell into the stereotype as being uneducated by not taking their educations very serious. African American men have been known to have lowering reading scores, and are likely to drop out of school at very early ages. Many of the reasons this happens is because there is no positive role models for them at home or within their communities. The stereotype of being uneducated is going to be hard to overcome because one you become educated or receive some form of training, you still are not considered to be as competent as some of your counterparts from different races. This is a concept that was dealt with by my ancestors; they fought for African American to have an education that many tend to take for granted. I feel that if those on the outside would sometimes walk in our shoes and understand the struggles that we have to deal with just to keep up in the race of life, they will be less likely to stereotype African American males as being uneducated. Despite the downfalls that many Africans have to deal with they still find the effort to work towards obtaining an education. Programs have been set up with the prison to obtain their GED’s, library offer GED programs, and some schools even offer programs...
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