Antonyms and Synonyms

Topics: Konkona Sen Sharma, Aparna Sen, Mr. and Mrs. Iyer Pages: 9 (2793 words) Published: October 4, 2012
1. Tedious| Annoying, boring, dry, dull, monotonous| entertaining, exciting, interesting| 2. Disgraceful| Shameful, unworthy, shabby, dishonorable| exalted, honorable, respectable| 3. Colossal| very large, vast, immense, enormous| small, teeny, tiny| 4. Infamous| Wicked, base, disgraceful, dishonorable| Renowned, esteemed, dignified| 5. Heartbreak| Agony, affliction, bitterness, sorrow| happiness, joy, love| 6. Routine| Habitual, methodical, periodic, usual, regular| breaking, different, original, untraditional, unusual| 7. Credited| Accept, believe, depend on| disbelieve, mistrust| 8. Reputable| Creditable, esteemed, honorable, trustworthy| disreputable, notorious, unrespected, untrustworthy| 9. Reckon| Account, compute, appraise, evaluate| neglect, subtract| 10. Elated| Delighted, animated, excited, joyful, blissful| depressed, down, sad, sorrowful, unhappy| 11. Spirited| active, alert, lively, vivacious| apathetic, depressed, dispirited, lazy, lethargic, unhappy, unlively| 12. Remarkable| extraordinary, unusual, exceptional, famous, impressive, significant| normal, ordinary, typical, unremarkable, usual| 13. Endowed| confer, contribute, award, bestow, enhance, finance, vest in| receive, take| 14. Glorious| Adored, bright, esteemed, famous, noble, honored| atrocious, awful, contemptible, disgraceful, shameful, bad| 15. Distress| pain, agony, anguish, disappointment, worry| comfort, happiness, health, pleasure| 16. Disappointed  | sadden, dismay, frustrate, delude, dishearten| delight, excite, make happy, please, satisfy| 17. Attributed| Ascribe, accredit, associate, impute, refer| | 18. Menagerie| wildlife park, zoo, aquarium, collection, exhibition,| | 19. Fancy| extravagant, ornamental, adorned, decorated, florid| plain, infancy, unornamented| 20. Miniature| Tiny, Lilliputian, baby, diminutive, Mini, teeny| big, giant, huge, large| 21. Seedy| Dilapidated, ailing, dingy, decaying, faded, torn, poor| luxurious, nice, posh| 22. Dominant| superior, controlling, ascendant, assertive, authoritative, bossy, chief| humble, inferior, modest, reserved, retiring, unaggressive, unassuming, uncontrolling| 23. Accelerate| increase speed, timing, advance, hurry, speed up| decelerate, impede, postpone, hinder, retard , slow down, defer| 24. Enhanced| improve, embellish, amplify, boost, elevate, upgrade| decrease, fix, lower, minimize, reduce, worsen| 25. Transmitted| communicate, send, transfer, impart, bequeath, remit| get, receive, take| 26. Favored| pamper, reward; help, abet, assist, gratify, facilitate, aid| hinder, hurt, thwart| 27. Attributes| Feature, aspect, character, sign, facet, trait, virtue, quality| | 28. Apparatus| Equipment, appliance, machinery, device, provisions, tools| | 29. Reciprocal| exchanged, alternate, changeable, twin, interchangeable| independent, singular| 30. Stimulated| excite, provoke, activate, arouse, stir up, inspire, motivate| calm, depress, discourage| 31. Spiralled| buckle, camber, circle, round, curl, warp| Straighten| 32. Cruder| Vulgar, awkward, cheap, coarse, dirty, raw, rough, rude, inelegant, insensible| gentle, nice, polished, refined, tasteful| 33. Device| instrument, tool, gadget, accessory, apparatus, appliance utensil| | 34. Spun| twirl, twist , whirl, Oscillate, reel, revolve, rotate, spiral, pendulate| stand, steady| 35. Dwindle| Abate, decline, decrease, diminish, drain, drop, ebb, fade, shrivel, sink| develop, enlarge, expand, save, extend, grow, increase, swell| 36. Prompt| early, responsive, alert, apt, brisk, eager, quick, rapid, swift, vigilant, instant| late, negligent, slow, tardy| 37. Plight| Trouble, perplexity, dilemma, difficulty, situation| blessing, boon, good fortune| 38....
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