Antonio Undertone

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Antonio’s Undertone Antonio Porchia uses an undertone to further develop rather serious topics in his writing form. Antonio Porchia is an Italian poet that is very contemporary. The voices are a humble response to the world as he knew it. Antonio’s writing outlook created a reader and writer companionship Porchia feels so relatable to his reader which draws you to his writing even more. The writing technique used during majority of his book Voices is called aphorisms, but for you to know the idea behind voices you would have to know the definition of aphorism. What is an aphorism? An aphorism is saying that embodies a general truth using this saying or known truth can be quite influential in writing. His work is very inspirational and can make you laugh at yourself about how vain we truly are on a day to day basis. His words make you think of your inner being, it lets you take a step back and examine yourself thoroughly. He attempts and grabs the reader’s full divided attention with the intent to show us something about ourselves and the world we live in.

There are several quotes that come to mind take for instance, “When I believe in nothing, I do not want to meet you, when you believe in nothing”, this quote from Voices is short but it can be interpreted as saying the reader needs think about their life plans and goals rather than taken the easy road in life. By reading the following quote from Porchia you can have several ideas to draw upon maybe he wants the reader to think deeply of in there day to day life rather than being unconscious to certain things of the world. Another concept from reading this quote you want to keep company that is educated and has a meaning in life rather than living your whole life with no purpose. This quote could make you laugh when you really take the time out to look into the words and examine the meaning...
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